Academic Coaching with Boonie Sripom, MA

Academic Coaching with Boonie Sripom, MA

 Academic Coaching

When you experience the world differently from your peers, or the expectations of society, it may be difficult navigating academics or choosing a major to study. My background as an aide in special education, outreach counselor intern at an elementary school and college counseling settings can help with identifying interests, strengths, and academic objectives to pursue. With academic coaching, the following can be worked on:

  • Time management & study skills

  • Identifying your unique learning preferences

  • Advocating for your education needs

  • Nurturing individual strengths and applying them in school or career

  • Accountability with a firm, yet warm coach

  • Support through road blocks, dialogues to improve motivation to succeed

  • Navigating group projects, boundaries & deadlines

  • Working through perfectionism

  • Choosing a major or path of study

Please email me to schedule an online coaching session or a quick consult: