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Dia de Los Muertos

I am blessed to live in an area that is rich in diverse culture. This was my first time celebrating and going to Dia de Los Muertos events, so it was a special treat. Southern California has a large Latino community, and it was wonderful traveling across counties to see multiple events dedicated to celebrating the memories of loved ones. 

The color caught my attention. It was one of my favorites of the night. This piece was at Marcas Gallery in Santa Ana. 

This photograph stood out from other black and white mates because of the red border, and I love the composition, and feeling of peace and protection it conveys.

I was honored with Pan de Muertos by a grandma from Michoacan, Mexico. The altars reminded me of Buddhist shrines where family honor their elders and other loved ones with flowers, food, and candles. It seemed very familiar to me, so much that I felt like a kid. I thought of my grandparents and how much love they shared with me. I thought of their hopes and joys for me, and was filled with warmth that their memories live on through me. I can't wait to go again next year, and perhaps participate.

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