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8 Ways to Foster Creativity in the Classroom

As a kid, I often stared into the night sky immersed in the beauty of the stars. I thought about constellations and wondered if the moon was made of cheese. I also daydreamed about alien life and the potential future of humanity. It just seemed very possible that one day, the collective human culture could transcend the suffering and unnecessary corruption it currently experiences. These were my thoughts in elementary school.

8 Ways to Promote Language in Young Children

I am an advocate of shaping the whole child, which includes the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical parts of a little person. I encourage the parents I work with, especially those in lower income situations, to promote language acquisition of their children as much as possible. There are countless studies indicating how important it is to develop a child's language the first few years of life. It is that crucial to the academic and internal success for a child's lifetime. 

I enjoy creative people. Creativity can manifest itself in many forms--I think the more creative a person is, the more malleable his or her identity seems to become. It's like possibilities become greater with the openness to divergent thinking. And divergent thinking is pretty neat to me. I just graduated from my Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology program, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy today, and one concept  that has resonated with me for some time is about promoting thinking as opposed to doing.