Is your child having a hard time at home or school?

There's laundry and toys scattered. Requests turn into an unnecessary argument or tantrum.  Your child zones out or forgets chores often. 

As parents, it’s natural to see what your child needs to learn to be a responsible and emotionally healthy person, but it is not always easy to know how to teach it.  It is difficult to see your child struggle through early life lessons, and not be sure what to do to help.  Kids have a lot to learn these days, and it can be overwhelming to take it all in.

With parent shaming and a judgmental culture, it can make it difficult to ask for help. 

You don't have to do this alone. 

I can help by offering gentle, yet firm support teaching early life skills.

My name is Boonie Sripom, and I love supporting the growth and development of little ones through games, play, and coaching. My background in early education, behavior therapy, human development, and school counseling support my ability to help little ones develop and grow.

Children I work with have learned to:

  • Use words instead of hitting to solve problems
  • Act less impulsively
  • Speak out against bullying
  • Have better relationships with family
  • Ask adults for help
  • Have stronger sense of self and self-esteem
  • Improve their grades
  • Improve relationships with peers
  • Find positive ways to get energy out
  • Increase responsibility 
  • Learn time management skills

I'd love to work with you to support the growth and success of your child.



Is your child Highly Sensitive or Gifted?