Is your child having a hard time at home or school?

There's laundry and toys scattered. Requests turn into an unnecessary argument or tantrum.  Your child zones out or forgets chores often. 

As parents, it’s natural to see what your child needs to learn to be a responsible and emotionally healthy person, but it is not always easy to know how to teach it.  It is difficult to see your child struggle through early life lessons, and not be sure what to do to help.  Kids have a lot to learn these days, and it can be overwhelming to take it all in.

I can help your child develop more responsibility, and learn the positive coping skills needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced society.  I can help provide a connection and opportunities where your child can grow, learn new strategies to manage transitions, and adopt age-appropriate levels of responsibility.  I can also help you learn to establish no-yelling ways of talking to your child.  (Yes, it happens, but I can help you learn less frustrating ways to get through to your child).

My name is Boonie Sripom, and I love supporting the growth and development of little ones through games, play, and coaching. My background in early education, behavior therapy, human development, and school counseling support my ability to help little ones develop and grow.

Children I work with have learned to:

  • Use words instead of hitting to solve problems
  • Act less impulsively
  • Speak out against bullying
  • Have better relationships with family
  • Ask adults for help
  • Have stronger sense of self and self-esteem
  • Improve their grades
  • Improve relationships with peers
  • Find positive ways to get energy out
  • Increase responsibility 
  • Learn time management skills

*Highly Sensitive Children & Gifted Children*

Organized Messes videos or blogs on giftedness

I have a special interest in working with highly sensitive children (HSP), and gifted children. Working through and processing my personal experiences as gifted and highly sensitive helped develop a greater awareness of the importance of early support and intervention. There are many struggles that HSP and gifted individuals have to face, and being young makes it even scarier, frustrating, and/or confusing. It doesn't make sense that people don't want to talk about substance, meaning, or learn. Obtaining knowledge and discovering one's purpose may be something that peers, schools, and perhaps even family members might not completely comprehend for someone so young.

I can offer opportunities for gifted and highly sensitive children to be who they are. It may be refreshing to have an adult who can explore boundless curiosities with them, while offering practical skills to survive in the real world. It will be a long journey for young people who think and feel differently from their peers. I can help gifted and sensitive children:

  • begin to accept their differences
  • develop social skills with peers
  • work through unrealistic goals of perfection
  • identify parts of their authentic selves
  • strengthen emotional coping skills
  • improve connection with family
Call me at (949) 381-1894 for a free phone consultation.

Look forward to hearing from you,