Conflict Resolution

We each have patterns in conflict resolution, and blind spots with our behaviors. Having a coach can help identify strengths and positive ways to work through conflict & practice within an encouraging space.


There is nonverbal and verbal communication. This, again, involves seeing our blind spots and honoring our strengths in a relationship. Coaching offers guided practice to work through potential difficult conversations. My coaching style is gentle, yet firm.


Introversion & Extroversion

There is a tendency for introverts and extroverts to couple. This may or may not lead to misunderstandings of energy preferences and appraisals of stimulation or time. Coaching can help explore these differences and honor them simply as differences, while working toward reasonable plans and compromises when possible.

Preparing for the future

Being in a loving, supportive relationship is hard work. It involves successful repair attempts and accumulations of small acts of love and attention. Having coaching sessions can remind a relationship what their strengths already are, and what tools are available to continually embraces joys and hardships together. Plans or contracts of love can be created as a visual reminder.


Togetherness & Separateness

Being in a relationship involves navigating this perpetual topic of how much time to spend together and apart, and maintaining our identities inside and outside relationships. Exercises will be give to help identify what being in a relationship means to each person, and how expectations are being communicated and met.

Highly Sensitive & Neurodiverse/Gifted

Having a differently wired brain and/or body can lead to a unique experience of the world. Many things can be seen as “exaggerated” or “attention-seeking” when it comes to being overstimulated or having many ideas or things to talk about. Learning about one’s unique traits can help prepare relationships for increased acceptance and “preplanning” to minimize or work through overstimulation.



  • Prepare/Enrich Facilitator

  • Gottman Couples Counseling Level 1 Training (I am using information from Gottman to educate partners in a coaching capacity. It is not counseling)

Additional Knowledge

  • Knowledge of Myers Briggs Cognitive functions since 2009