LFG Gamer Social Skills Group

 Screen shots taken from stellaris by paradox interactive, used with permission.

Screen shots taken from stellaris by paradox interactive, used with permission.


Video game culture can sometimes be misunderstood. It can also be difficult to find other gamers to connect with. Boonie Sripom, MA is a gamer and educator who loves promoting community. Her favorite games are World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and Age of Empires. She is currently playing Stellaris (pictured).

With this 8-week group, young gamers (tween and preteen) can come together and learn social skills without judgment. The series will be facilitated by Boonie Sripom who has 15 years experience working with children and educational settings. She was a former elementary school counselor intern and is the current college counselor for FIDM Orange County. Although these groups are not therapy, elements from clinical psychology will be used to help promote the whole child in terms of social skills development.

The rate is $35 per 1-hour group and is limited to 8 people. Parents or guardians are encouraged to walk their children into the group and come back in when finished to review skills or share thoughts. While your children are in the group, please feel free to purchase and enjoy some coffee, or peruse the books at 1888center.

NOTE: The series starts in mid-April! Please contact Boonie for a consultation to ensure the group is a good fit. Again, this group is limited to 8 people!

Group is currently not running. Please contact Boonie to be placed on an interest list. 

Schedule and Topics for 8-week series:

Introductions & Boundaries

Games, Heroes, & Powers

Anger, etc.


Winning & Losing

Influencers & Social Media

Games to Level Up IRL Skills

Saying Goodbye
(Please do not skip this group)

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