Geek Coaching with Boonie

 Ollie the mixed terrier has something to say... i'll add it later lol

Ollie the mixed terrier has something to say... i'll add it later lol

Being a geek is my normal. I usually don't think about how others perceive the subculture until I have a conversation with someone who likes comic-based movies, yet can't follow my rant on how many changes they made to the film. It's interesting. Sometimes there's a slight pause and eye-roll of "what are you talking about" when geek-rant-mode ensues. So yes, I see that being a geek is somewhat of a foreign language for many. My interest in ensuring geeks have respectful representation started when ComicCon became so popular, that many geeks were unable to attend their sacred place of congregation.

I'm happy more people are appreciating the contributions of geeks in the sciences, arts, and entertainment. I just hope certain stigmas and misrepresentations can be ameliorated through sites like this one, and efforts of other geeks.

There are multiple reasons for belonging to geek culture: appreciation of comics, anime, technology, and sci-fi are some of many reasons. Sometimes a geek is a person who is thoroughly immersed in a topic (many can refer to them as nerds, and yes there are differences in definition and degrees of separation). This identification isn't always met with acceptance and joy. Gender and ethnic background also play a part in shaping how accepted being a geek may be in one's family or community. Sometimes there are these invisible parameters of measuring "geekiness" and it's impossible to fit any mold completely. For those who enjoy being a geek, and participating in geeky things, yet are having a difficult time maneuvering through the real world of adult responsibility or social skills, I can help. 

We can talk about comics. We can talk about your favorite super heroes, and how they've shaped your life. And all the while, I can help you honor feelings of isolation, pain of being misunderstood or made fun of, and learn to accept your differences as a gift. I can also facilitate the developing of skills to find your tribe, your fellow geeks. 
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