Monday Artists Support Group

in Laguna Hills


Come join fellow creatives to discuss inspiration, book passages, share tips and discover new strategies to get unstuck as an artist. Perhaps we think it's too late to create with intention. Maybe others were right... 

And yet, we still have this urge to create. We daydream about what ifs and creative possibility... 

Listen to each other's stories on how difficult it is to follow this creative path, and how heavy it can be to remain authentic. Find mentors, or become one. This group is for local artists of any skill level. Please use this space and time to create community, and nurture your inner artist by being around other artists. 

Group will be facilitated by Boonie Sripom, MA. She earned her BA in studio arts from UC Irvine and used photography and performance to heal and explore possibility. She is currently the Personal Counselor at FIDM Orange County where she encourages young artists to pursue their passions in the fashion industry. 

Boonie is also a life coach and mental health advocate for those who are different. Her people are artists, geeks, and gamers. One of her mottos is, "There is nothing wrong with being different. It's just different." 

The Artist's Way:

Discovering & Recovering Your Creative Self


  • The basic tools to nurture your creativity
    • The morning pages
    • The Artist Date
  • Common misconceptions of being an artist and lies we tell ourselves:
    • I must wait until I am wealthy to create
    • I must create perfectly the first time, every time
    • I am not worthy of payment until I "make it big"
    • Everything is already done, so I can't be unique 
    • Being creative takes too much time; I am too busy
    • It is selfish to be creative
    • I can't pursue art as a career because I will be broke
    • I'm only an artist when I am a "master" or naturally talented
    • I have to be alone and "crazy" to be an artist
    • I don't deserve success or praise for my work
    • I will never be good enough, no matter how much I practice. 
    • (insert your lies and misconceptions here)
  • Affirmations to counter these lies, identifying external factors that shaped these beliefs.
  • Identifying those who sabotage our creativity, or drain our energy by feeding our wants to be wanted. Seeing how to stop our patterns.
  • Sharing with others (and your facilitator, Boonie) to connect and nurture your creative self. 
    • This is one reason why groups are powerful. Sure, you can read the book and do the exercises, but having community reinforces your creative self, validates your struggles, and gives voice to your truth in a world that constantly attempts to silence you, or tell you how to be. Groups will honor your authentic self. It's a lonely world to maintain authenticity alone. 
  • Reminders to nurture your creative self, and do habit-building exercises. Groups help with accountability and working through hurdles or stagnations.
  • Boonie can help sort through the very real mental health struggles artists may go through. Although this group is not psychotherapy, she is and will help advocate for the connection of artists to fellow artists in the therapist community. 
    • Mental health first aid, communication skills, and some calming strategies can be offered by the group where members can choose to try them.
    • If any member may need a higher level of care, we can talk about it privately.
  • Listening to our ANGER, learning how to use it as a creative. 
  • SHAME. How we shame ourselves, how others shame us, and what it does to our creative processes.
  • What change may look like, and how to continue with this momentum.
  • Feeling obligated to please others first, and how to navigate this obstacle.
  • Our thoughts on money, compensation, working and play.
  • Additional topics will be explored, and are outlined in The Artist's Way. (I invite you to go through the workbook on your own if you're not looking for a group. If and when you're in the area and would like to try a group, please reach out!)

In this group, Boonie will share insights from the following books:
- The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron (provided)*
- Wired to Create by Kaufman and Gregoire
- Real Artists Don't Starve by Jeff Goins

12-week group cycle starts in October

DATES:  TBD, afternoon or after work hours

PAYMENT: For fees, attendees are to pay via invoice of 1 payment of $300 or 2 payments of $150 , whichever is more convenient for you. Please let me know when we chat/email. 

SKIPPING GROUPS: Life happens. Contact me if you know you'll miss a group. Please read the weekly chapter in The Artist's Way and do the exercises. We will catch up when we meet again :) 

CONTACT BOONIE:  |  949-381-1894

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23121 Verdugo Dr., Suite 200 Laguna Hills, CA 92653