Coaching for Highly Sensitive, Gifted, & Creative People


I'm Boonie Sripom. I am a highly sensitive person and former gifted student who didn’t flourish in traditional education systems. I understand the need for freedoms to explore multiple paths of learning, as well as the importance of mentorship and guidance through parts of life. My background includes elementary school counseling (internship), college counseling, child development and art. Learning cannot be separated from the identity of a gifted individual. It is as necessary as breathing.

Feeling and expressing oneself intensely can also be difficult to separate from one’s way of being.

This may be seen as a negative trait, or something that makes it difficult to connect with others. Many sensitive or gifted people may feel like aliens or outliers within their communities, and ask, “Why am I different?” I can help sensitive and gifted people learn about their traits, see them as strengths, and build skills for effective communication, interpersonal connection and self-advocacy.

As a mental health-informed coach, I can help ensure a client receives appropriate services based on need. If and when therapy or additional support is necessary, I will have conversations that include referrals or recommendations for a higher level of care.

Coaching is a great alternative for those ready to act and embody change. I use typology systems like Myers Briggs and enneagram to explore personality through a strengths-based lens for growth. Developing a person’s creative process or creative identity may also be a part of the work we do together.

  • Improve communication, connectedness, & understanding with yourself and others

  • Learn your strengths from the interests in your life, typology systems, and how to apply them

  • Develop acceptance of who you are, and embrace the present to build for your future

  • Discover how awesome you are as the hero of your story

  • Learn some alternative ways to connect, while maintaining a sense of self


I'd love to work with you. Call me today to see how I can help. (949) 381-1894. I offer coaching sessions as well as workshops