Workshops & Talks

Education and knowledge can lift a person and community towards betterment. I believe in empowering others through information and access to resources. It would be an honor to have you attend my workshops, or to be asked to speak at your venue. 

Some topics I speak on are related to: video games, giftedness, relationships, creativity, and mental health. Please reach out if you'd like me to talk about similar topics.

Talks & Workshops

  • Suicide & Depression (college students)

  • Stress & Time Management (college students)

  • Working in Teams

  • 8 Lies Artists Tell Themselves

  • Highly Sensitive People & Artists

  • Relationship Red Flags

  • 5 Video Gamer Stereotypes

  • Conflict Resolution & Communication

  • Your Online Footprint

  • Gaming & Harassment

  • 5 Things Gamers in Your Life Want You to Know

  • Synesthesia

Other Areas of Focus:

  • Preschool & kinder readiness (video below)

  • Giftedness, Giftedness Myths, 2e

  • Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

  • academic skills, managing stress as a student

  • Parenting support

  • Acculturation, hybridity, and being an “alien”

  • Asian-American identity

  • Artists & perfectionism

  • geeks, gamers, & being "different"

  • Myers Briggs

  • Relationships with Highly Sensitive or Gifted Individuals



  • 50-minute individual coaching session is $125

  • 50-minute couple coaching session: $150

  • 4-session package: $400, couples coaching 6-session package: $800


  • Rates, topics, and venues will vary. If you have a topic you'd like me to speak on and teach the community, let me know! I can research and speak, or help find someone in the mental health community who might already have workshops.


  • Payment is due before we work together. I can email invoices for payment through PayPal.

NOTE: I do not take insurance, since I do not offer therapeutic services. 

***If you're looking for a therapist, please feel free to reach out. I will try to connect you with a referral. And as always you are not obligated to take the referral. Please find what services match your need, and who is available in your area. If I don't get back to you, please check in with me.***