Children & Tweens

coping through divorce, highly sensitive person (HSP), giftedness, grief, bullying, academic skills, social skills, transitioning young children to kindergarten, calming strategies for energetic kiddos, finding oneself & a support network when being different...

Artists, Geeks, & Gamers

Finding acceptance & peace related to being different. Identifying strengths, and coping skills related to perfectionism and fulfilling roles of responsibility. Using existing tools and gifts to heal and grow, to find a new normal way of being while staying authentic. 

(photo courtesy of dion Zabal) 

(photo courtesy of dion Zabal) 

Other Areas of Focus:

  • preschool & kinder readiness
  • children & tweens
  • issues related to giftedness
  • emotional regulation for sensitive hearts (HSP)
  • academic skills
  • bullying
  • social skills
  • co-parenting
  • acculturation
  • Asian-American identity
  • college stress
  • artists & perfectionism
  • geeks, gamers, & being "different"
  • issues w/ social media & internet 
  • MBTI 
  • video game addiction
  • interpersonal relationships
My coaching services hopes to increase your connection with others while also learning to accept yourself to grow into an awesome(r) version of you! <3