I'm NOT a Therapist; I'm a Coach

Clarifying some things. I appreciate the support, and wants for me to be your therapist, but at this time, I am not licensed, and not pursuing my therapist license. I apologize for the confusion. I hope I can help as a coach, and if there is a higher level of need, I might be able to help with finding referrals or additional resources for your decision-making. Thank you again, Boonie www.organizedmesses.com

Mental Health Awareness Month

I'll be making more videos related to mental health stuff, and this one is an encouragement for those seeking to explore their emotional side. As a collective, we suffer losses, and we feel pain. Somehow we have a disconnect with sharing this pain, and feeling understood by others or even ourselves. I encourage you to introspect, find someone who you trust, and try to talk about it. It can be unknown territory, especially for those of us who are governed by rules of masculinity and hiding pain. It must be lonely at times having to be brave for others. We can cultivate a new means of connection to others: through sharing our humanity, and percieved flaws. Seeking therapy is an option that gets overlooked because of stigma. There's no pressure to try therapy, but there are thousands online who are open to answering questions. Some may direct you towards websites and interventions, some might have a tip for you to try. Please don't give up. If one professional doesn't have what you're looking for, keep looking.
#mentalhealthawareness #mhm2017