About Boonie Sripom :)

Jellyfish selfie! :)

Jellyfish selfie! :)

  • I define myself firstly as an artist.

  • I have an affinity for the natural innocence and curiosity of children, and those who have survived to maintain their creative identities as adults.

  • Living for authenticity, albeit difficult, is of utmost importance, and I acknowledge hiccups and detours.

  • Creatives and those who think differently: we are misunderstood, mystified outliers, and it can be a lonely place.

  • Living for joy, beauty, and knowledge, is about the journey, not some predefined definition of success that everyone must follow.

We can't truly measure happiness, personal fulfillment, or integrity. One's internal peace, the pleasure of creating beauty, or discovering knowledge, can't be measured or compared to others. 

The struggle to find acceptance with oneself isn't always easy, yet for some it's natural. For me it was a long journey, and it feels nice to be where I am. Nurturing one's creativity or playfulness is a lifelong process, and I look forward to expanding on my definitions of authenticity with others.

Thank you for dropping by~ I hope you have a wonderful day filled with creative exploration and joy. <3 Boonie


Batman, one of my heroes, San Diego Comic-Con 2006

Batman, one of my heroes, San Diego Comic-Con 2006

  • I love gardening, unicorns, fairies, jellyfish and chickens. And fur/animal babies of all kinds!

  • I collect fidgets and sensory objects, like crystals, dice, squishy toys and kinetic sand.

  • I am an auntie to several children and one puppy named Ollie. I adore them all. I love playing with a teaching them many things about this wonderful life and universe.

  • I write content on Myers Briggs via Quora. I'm interested in Enneagram, too.

  • I think art is a great tool for controlled chaos.

  • Batman is my hero.

  • I read parts of many books at once. Right now I probably have 3 comics and 5 novels I'm working on. Many times I don't finish them!

Ollie Sripom, my fur nephew lol

Ollie Sripom, my fur nephew lol


  • MA, Clinical Psychology TCSPP

  • BA, Studio Arts UC Irvine

  • Human Development (33 units), IVC

Certifications or Continuing Education

  • Performance Psychology: Optimizing Performance with Psychology (introductory course), Zur Institute

  • Life Purpose Coach, Transformative Services, Inc.

  • Art Therapy Life Coach (uses art techniques in coaching, but is NOT therapy), Transformative Services, Inc.

  • Reiki Level III

  • Executive Presence for Women, Lynda.com

  • Gottman Method (level 1 training) The Gottman Institute

  • CBT Life Coach Certification, Udemy (Libby Seery & Patrick Howell)

  • Motivational Interviewing: Introduction and Application , Zur Institute

  • From Counselor to Coach: Making the Transition, Zur Institute

  • Systematic Training for Effective Parenting

  • Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Dept. of Ed.

Projects & Community:

I have either collaborated with these organizations in the past or currently work with them for creative or professional pursuits. Or, I think it's a useful resource to share.

Click to visit Sparkles Podcast!

Click to visit Sparkles Podcast!

Sparkles Podcast <3 

Boonie Sripom, MA (ENFP) & Rachel Moore, LMFT (INFP) are so excited to share their thoughts on creativity, mental health, MBTI, and xNFP things! Thank you for visiting! You are now a Sparkler! Please check back soon for more content. #spreadthesparkle

A place to be brave.

Click to read on Myers Briggs, HSP, and mental health content

Click to read on Myers Briggs, HSP, and mental health content

Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. I answer questions on MBTI, early education, parenting, HSP, and giftedness. I am currently the top writer for the topic of ENFP :) 


Click for Geek Therapy Community podcasts and news!

Click for Geek Therapy Community podcasts and news!

The Geek Therapy Community offers space for discussion, sharing resources, and support for geeks who are interested in mental health, therapy and education. All are welcome! 

The community also has podcasts

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