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Rachel Moore MFT (a therapist for creatives in San Diego) and I speak on our podcast about video games. Please enjoy the conversation. For more podcasts, visit:


Geek-Related Sites

*Some of these sites may have content inappropriate for children. Please vet before allowing children to use.

Cosplay: I view cosplay as a great way to channel creative expression, and a form of escape from the mundane. Sometimes life needs a burst of color, or a chance to be someone else for a brief moment of time.

Cosplayers are some of the most devoted people, and want to show their love and appreciation for what has affect them so deeply. As someone who appreciates cosplay, I also understand the want to belong to a community of like-minded individuals without being tormented for being different. It's difficult enough to be different, and sometimes finding acceptance of oneself can be facilitated by joining an accepting community first.

*Some of these sites may have content inappropriate for children. Please vet before allowing children to use.

Online Gaming Communities

  • - Live gaming broadcasts, averaging 45 million viewers per month.

  • - Streaming community

  • Steam Community - 40 million gamers, downloadable games for PC, Linux & Mac.

  • GOG - digital distribution of games and movies, promoting (digital rights management) DRM-free games.

  • Minecraft - Building game that can be single user or multiplayer.

  • Slenderman - Viral game with a basic premise of finding manuscripts before Slenderman gets you!

  • - Community for Blizzard games (World of Warcraft, Diablo III, StarCraft II, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm).

  • Ragnarok - Free to play MMORPG.

Game-Related Sites

With the increased use of consoles and computers for entertainment purposes comes a sense of normalcy with socializing through games. Our culture deems certain repetitive behaviors as normal, while others are labeled addiction. The culture may also place certain addictions on a hierarchy of seriousness. For instance, drug addictions may seem more dangerous than smoking addictions or shopping addictions. Behaviors elicit a need to be met, and with any addiction, a serious consideration of underlying pain and emotional needs can humanize a person's struggle, despite the substance choice.

Articles on Gaming

Geek Therapy Websites (Mental health):

  • International game developers association online harassment resource

  • Nonprofit that advocates for gamer mental health & connects gamers with therapists who understand gaming culture

  • Nonprofit that advocates for geek mental health, and provides safe spaces for attendees at conventions through their AFK room (run by trained mental health volunteers)

  • Nonprofit aimed at increasing representation in the gaming community through outreach, workshops on online harassment, and white papers on diversity in gaming.

  • Founded as a community for female gamers, Sugar Gamers evolved into a hub for increasing representation in geek culture, and sharing perspectives in tech and gaming.

  • Minecraft server run by Mike Langlois, LCSW where children, parents, and vetted counselors engage in social-emotional learning (SEL)

  • Therapeutic groups using table top games for the past 6 years, currently expanding to Game to Grow where more services will be offered.


  • Super Better, Jane McGonigal

  • Reality is Broken, Jane McGonigal

  • The Proteus Paradox, Nick Yee

  • Super Hero Therapy, Janina Scarlet

  • Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter, Tom Bissell

  • Getting Gamers, Jamie Madigan

  • You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost), Felicia Day

  • Ready Player One, Ernest Cline

  • Reset: Psychotherapy & Video Games (e-book), Mike Langlois

  • Working with Video Gamers & Games in Therapy: A Clinician’s Guide, Anthony Bean

  • Superhero Therapy: Mindfulness Skills to Help Teens and Young Adults Deal with Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma, Janina Scarlet

  • Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight, Travis Langley (multiple titles)

  • The Psychology of Zelda: Linking Our World to the Legend of Zelda Series, Anthony Bean

  • Psychoanalysis, Identity, and the Internet: Explorations into Cyberspace, Andrea Marzi

Geek Therapy Online Community (Websites for services, research, and podcasts)

  • Mike Langlois, LCSW writes, speaks, and consults on technology and psychotherapy from a psychodynamic perspective.

  • Josué Cardona celebrates geek culture and mental health through podcasts, curated content, outreach and convention appearances.

  • Podcast dedicated to discussing diversity and representation in geek culture.

  • Jane is a researcher and game designer. She brings psychology to game design, to help game designers create games for positive change.

  • A non profit public benefit corporation whose ongoing aim is removing barriers to therapeutic, mental health and community services in the state of Texas.

  • an international repository of interdisciplinary research information made available to the public since 2004. Studying the effects of all RPG formats: tabletop (TRPG), live-action (LARP), computer-based (CRPG), solo adventure books/modules (SAB/M) and Interactive Fiction (IF).

  • Showcases an assembly of geek podcasts featuring a variety of geek hosts. Every podcast brings the geek community high-quality, creative and engaging programming dedicated to geek culture.

  • Utilizing Therapeutic Recreation, Recreational Therapy, Music, & Role-playing Games in all formats to help people achieve their educational, entertainment, professional, and/or therapeutic goals. Drawing upon Therapeutic Recreation, neuroscience, CBT, CFT, & other interdisciplinary methodologies since 2004.

  • Podcast on geek culture that instills messages of hope and resources against suicide.

  • Counseling for anxiety, couples, relationship concerns, and women.

  • Autumn Hahn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt), a Certified Practitioner of Rapid Resolution Therapy®, and a Qualified Supervisor for counseling interns.

  • Adam Johns LMFT offers geek therapy to fellow geeks in Washington State. He is the co-founder of Wheelhouse Workshop, where games are used to teach youth social skills in the Seattle area.

  • Woody Harris, MA, LPC uses games, music, and experiential techniques to help clients reach their goals in therapy. He practices in Georgia. His podcast shares on the educational and therapeutic side of tabletop gaming.

(Note: This list is provided as a courtesy. Please take time to go over these sites with your parents. It is always an option to seek information or opinions from those outside this list)

DISCORD free voice and text chat for gamers that’s available on phone and computer
PAUSE $1.99 app using your finger movements to activate relaxation response, Android & Apple 
SUPER BETTER Use gameful strategies to help you apply strengths in game to real life 
HABATICA: Gamify your tasks and recruit friends to be allies to complete quests