photo courtesy of adorable industries

photo courtesy of adorable industries

Referral Network

This is a list of mental health resources for the Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego county areas. I can't perform therapy, but I might know someone who can for you. NOTE: These referrals are given as a courtesy. Please check your insurance, ask questions when you call, and consider whether this person will be a good match for you. It's okay to ask for referrals if you think it's not a good fit. 

Autism, LGBTQ Affirmative, Sex Positive Therapy, & Psych Assessments (Teens & Adults)- Torrance

  • South Bay Treatment with Joel Schwartz, PsyD | (424) 265-8185 or

Counseling for Abuse & Trauma (Children & Teens) - Upland or Palm Springs

Counseling for Creative Types (writers, artists, & musicians) - San Diego

Counseling for Gamers, Geeks, Teens, Young Adults, and Substance Use Recovery - San Diego

  • Jamila Mafudh, LMFT |

Couples Counseling - Laguna Hills

Eating Disorder Recovery - Irvine

Faith Crises & Religious Transition Depth Work for Adults + EMDR Therapy - Old Towne Orange

High Achieving Teenagers, Encino & Los Angeles

Highly Sensitive People & Children, Irvine

Holistic Psychotherapy for Individual, Couples, & Families - Newport Beach

Individual, Couples and Family Counseling - Pasadena and West Covina

BDSM, Polyamory & Other Consensual Alternative Lifestyles - Lake Forest

LGBT Affirmative Therapy - Newport Beach

Midlife Transition, Couples Counseling, & Victims of Crime - Irvine

Mindful Misfits for Teens & Adults - Huntington Beach

South Asian, Maternal Mental Health, Transitions, & Burnout - Los Angeles

Technology, Teens, and Psychology - Encino 

Trans & LGBQ Affirmative Counseling - Costa Mesa

Trauma-Informed Therapy & Couples Counseling - Long Beach 

Pregnancy Loss & Infant Death Support Group - Long Beach

Find Affordable Counseling: Open Counseling Therapy Directory

Geek Therapy Community

  • Gamer Therapist - I consult, write and teach about the interface between online technologies & psychotherapy. In particular I focus on the use of video games from a psychodynamic perspective. I provide private supervision for psychotherapists who are seeking to start, grow, & market their private practice. I’m really excited about the seismic shifts in how we can practice psychotherapy in a Web 2.0 (and beyond) world.

  • Geek Therapy - Geek Therapy celebrates Mental Health and Geek Culture through podcasts, videos, blog posts, community outreach, education, and convention appearances.

  • Psych Tech Podcast - PsychTech is the psychology and technology podcast. Join Kelli Dunlap and Josué Cardona in exploring the human side of technology. Discover how the worlds of psych and tech interact and influence each other in exciting and unexpected ways. The show breaks down everything from science fiction to science fact, plus how it all influences human behavior. This is Psych Tech.

  • RPG Reseach Project Community - A repository of published studies related to role playing games and their effects on participants. The community's goals are to establish educational and therapeutic effects while being able to implement evidenced-based interventions for services provided through the organization.

  • Anxiety Gaming - Nonprofit that connects gamers to low-cost therapists who understand the world of gamers.

  • The Telos Project - Nonprofit aimed at improving the quality and access to mental health services in Texas.

  • Kelli Dunlap, PsyD. - Psychologist & Game Designer (not practicing therapy)

  • RPG Therapeutics - Washington State Registered Recreational Therapist Also associated with http:/ &

  • Victims & Villains - We are suicide prevention nerd news podcast. We tallk about everything in pop culture, while raising awareness of hope for those who are suicidal, depressed, self-harmful and addiction. Every event we do, we partner with local therapists and churches in that respective area to see breakthrough for suicide.

  • Empowered Therapy - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in both MN and IL. Currently practicing in IL and accepting new clients.

  • Clear Mind Group - Clinical hypnotherapy. Short term therapies. Specialize in trauma & entrepreneurs. Individuals, families, and couples. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Adam Johns Therapy - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in Geeks and Gamers. I also run the Wheelhouse Workshop groups which use roleplaying games like D&D to build social skills for teens at ( Located in Seattle, Washington.

  • Rolling For Change, LLC - LPC specializing in anxiety disorders, trauma, and self esteem. I use board games, music, and other experiential modalities to help clients meet there goals. I also run the Rolling for Change podcast with Josue Cardona and Brian Peace. Located in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • K Counseling - LPC: Mental health and Career Counselor in assisting others in finding purpose and meaning in their lives through their Geek lifestyle. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Blue Box Counseling - LMFT, LADC: I specialize in working with clients who consider themselves to be outside the mainstream: Geeks, LGBTQIA+, Secular community, etc. I primarily use a narrative approach that incorporates pop culture (modern mythologies) to explore clients' stories. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.