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My Wish for You

My Wish for You

This year is coming to a close. Many of us give ourselves permission to start fresh once the new year begins. For those of you who seek a new beginning, I hope the journey is accompanied with love and encouragement. For each person (and myself!), I wish many things for the upcoming year:

  • love (in all its forms)

  • courage to heal

  • plenty of hugs & smiles

  • curiosity about the cosmos

  • acts of kindness

  • renewed awe of this world

  • hope & compassion

  • connection with nature

  • newly discovered strengths

  • inspiration

  • forgiveness (self & others)

  • endless conversations

  • an amazing book or two, or three

  • new cultures to explore, esp. the food

  • acceptance of oneself

  • bursts of creativity

  • netflix marathons with a buddy

  • positive energy from positive people

  • perseverance for a healthy lifestyle

  • chocolate :)

Happy Holidays


Happy New Year!

photo credit for nature shot: Aaron Johnson, photo credit chocolates: Jamar Johnson

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