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8 Considerations When Raving (P.L.U.R.)

8 Considerations When Raving (P.L.U.R.)

The Oceanic Feeling or Oceanic Experience may occur when large groups of people are united under one space. Feelings of awe and interconnectedness with the cosmos often describe this effect. Increased compassion or feelings of love for one's fellow human may also accompany the oceanic feeling. This effect often is associated with religion, and can also occur during large music events.

Have you been to huge concerts or electronic dance music (edm) events before?

"What I experienced next changed my perspective forever... Yes, the decorations and lasers were pretty cool, and yes, this was the largest single room full of people dancing that I had ever seen. But neither of those things explained the feeling of awe that I was experiencing... As someone who is usually known as being the most logical and rational person in a group, I was surprised to find myself swept with an overwhelming sense of spirituality--not in the religious sense, but a sense of deep connection with everyone who was there as well as the rest of the universe. There was a feeling of no judgment... Here there was no sense of self-consciousness or feeling that anyone was dancing to be seen dancing... Everyone was facing the DJ, who was elevated up on a stage... The entire room felt like one massive, united tribe of thousands of people, and the DJ was the tribal leader of the group... The steady wordless electronic beats were the unifying heartbeats that syncronized the crowd. It was as if the existence of individual consciousness had disappeared and been replaced by a single unifying group consciousness." Tony Hsieh   

As many as 100,000 attendees can fill a venue. There are different reasons to be there, and some include using drugs or escaping reality for a brief moment in time. Large music events are nothing new--each generation has its music to reflect the emotions of the era. Electronic music has evolved over the decades, and PLUR has remained a core anthem for many ravers.

The Oceanic Feeling is powerful. For a few hours or days one can actually dance like no one is watching, meet like-minded music lovers who want to spread good vibes, or someone who knows all the lyrics to your favorite song, too! New friends can be made under the rainbow of lasers pulsating to the bass of amazing DJs. In a culture where dressing and behaving 'appropriately' is defined narrowly, it can be a breath of fresh air to have pink hair and cover oneself with sparkles and bracelets for one night.

Some considerations when raving:

  • Drinking water: Keep tabs on your water at all times. Just like going clubbing, people can slip something into your drink when you're not looking.
  • Hyponatremia: Too much water may lead to water-poisoning. Most promoters provide food and drink vendors to ensure attendees maintain the proper electrolyte balance during events.
  • Meet-up spot: It is likely to get separated from one's group in a sea of thousands. Plan key locations to meet if someone gets lost.
  • Drugs: There are going to be drugs there. Be mindful of others possibly having 'bad trips'. If you or friends are going to do drugs, use a test kit and have a sober buddy or two.
  • Exit routes: Fires or emergencies can occur where leaving quickly is important. Identify a few exits as a precaution.
  • Sex, harassment: Although most come to raves with PLUR, there may be disrespectful people lurking around. Protect one another, and look out for creepers.
  • Shoes: You're going to be on your feet all night. Wear comfortable shoes, unless you don't want to dance and just be cute all night.
  • Clothing: Dressing similarly to your group can help identify one another when separated. Wear something you'll be comfortable in for eight+ hours surrounded by sweaty people.

Don't forget:

  • Bring your positive energy! Going in with a positive attitude can shape the entire experience, and may radiate more positivity.
  • Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. :)
  • Bring awesome dance moves.
  • Make a new friend or two. The music unites us all, and it can be a great opportunity to connect with another person. You may be friends for the night, and maybe it can be the start of a longer relationship.
  • It is possible to have fun sober. Experiencing the music is worth it. Being aware of the surroundings for the group is also very important.
  • Enjoy the music and the good vibes. Leave your 40-hour work week at the gates of the rave. Allow this moment to sink in, and be present with the universe. Music can heal.

Above & Beyond - Sun & Moon, Electric Daisy Carnival 2013, Las Vegas

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Additional Reading

Quote taken from: The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt, p. 231-232

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