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Sprinkles of Gratitude

As a school counselor intern, I'm surrounded by (700-800) hundreds of children a week. Sometimes our interactions are brief. With the culture of the school, and a greater openness to counseling or support staff, I'm able to engage with classrooms more fluidly. Some interventions are simply being visible to students in need of structure. Other times, in-class support can help some students focus more on positive tasks. And there is always individual and group support outside of class.

8 Considerations When Raving (P.L.U.R.)

The Oceanic Feeling or Oceanic Experience may occur when large groups of people are united under one space. Feelings of awe and interconnectedness with the cosmos often describe this effect. Increased compassion or feelings of love for one's fellow human may also accompany the oceanic feeling. This effect often is associated with religion, and can also occur during large music events.

Have you been to huge concerts or electronic dance music (edm) events before?