Re: Riley on Marketing

I saw this video a few years ago, and it made me smile. I wanted to share. This little girl wants girls to have superhero toys, and boys to be able to play with pink things. Why pink challenges a boy's sexuality, I don't know... 

Try Googling "girl toys" and see how limiting options are for our children:  caregiver, princess, pink dollhouses, kitchen supplies, and vanities. Sometimes possibility in the future comes through exposure, and seeing options in the world adults show them. I would have loved to play with a Barbie physicist or CEO as a child. 

Companies like Goldiblox are working on giving girls permission to excel in the sciences. I wonder if there is a boy equivalent to allow for expression of emotions besides anger. 

Why is pink so important in defining girls and gender identity? Is it really a big deal?

Please share some of your thoughts on girl toys and boy toys :)

photo credit: Kristen Myers