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Fur Babies!


Who doesn't like photos of cats and dogs? They can help alleviate stress, become lifelong companions, and even family. Here are some photos and words on some of these wonderful fur babies. 

(photo in banner) Very cool! Thank you for posting Jasper's photo. He's truly a therapy dog... This three-legged goof helps me understand that things aren't so bad. My lil man.  <3

- Christine Nam

This is yangkong-berry.

He is 3.2 kilograms of furry good warmth at night. a live purring musician in the bathroom. and a sweet licker of my wounds and feels when I'm down.

- Jiyoon Jessica Ahn


Sometimes you just need someone to listen n my dog is one heck of a listener.

- Jessica Song


Jax has been my best friend and constant companion through the most difficult time of my life. I had never owned a pet before her. She makes sure that even through the darkest times, I am never alone.

- Ray Valee


He was a very loving and communicative cat, I meowed to him and he meowed back. He loved to play and fight too and often brought home all sorts of things as gifts: small dead animals, underwear, branches, leaves, basically anything he liked he brought to us after his strolls. He always greeted me meowing while walking in my direction after hearing me opening the gates and then walked with me curling my legs until I got inside, took off my shoes and gave him a little love troking my feet on his back and belly. He was a great company in my life and I consider having another cat in the future as it is my favorite pet.

- Ivan Barreto

Örkki (the orc) is a dog.

- Tomi Viktor Varjonvmmi


This is my dog Kai. He's not very smart but he is soft and cuddly, which is fine by me.

- Sid Tsai


This is Nala. She lives at dad's place but is loved equally by all of the family, no matter how far we live. Happily I live really close, so I go for walks and cuddles pretty often. She calms me down, and helps me remember there are purely good things in this world too.

- Emmi Eriikka


This is Sampa, she judges me often and swears up and down that humans are crazy. She is my everything <3

- Sadi Thann

This is Dozer. He was a stray someone abandoned when we were having sub zero temps. Ours now!

- Don Ostrom

Buddha. The coolest cat ever!

- Don Ostrom


And last but not least, Bruno, who thinks he's a badass, but loves to cuddle for naps.

- Don Ostrom

Henry. I didnt want him, he was pathetic, tiny (4lbs) and terrified. Now he's healthy (15lbs), happy and we're inseparable.

- Rand Melvin

Sargent Pepper. The dog Henry replaced. 120 lbs of love and joy. No dog is a better lapdog than Sarge was.

- Rand Melvin




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