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Creative People & Graduation!

L to R: Rachel Liptak, Audrey Milburn, Nancy Flores, Ashley Hahn, Michelle Dastmalchi, Kaylin Zabienski, Me

L to R: Rachel Liptak, Audrey Milburn, Nancy Flores, Ashley Hahn, Michelle Dastmalchi, Kaylin Zabienski, Me

I enjoy creative people. Creativity can manifest itself in many forms--I think the more creative a person is, the more malleable his or her identity seems to become. It's like possibilities become greater with the openness to divergent thinking. And divergent thinking is pretty neat to me. I just graduated from my Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology program, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy today, and one concept  that has resonated with me for some time is about promoting thinking as opposed to doing.

There can be merits for both actions, yet our culture's education has lost something. We are teaching our future to take a test, and with that lose great potential in innovation and progress. I think with my generation, and colleagues in the healing arts, it is imperative for the nurturing of a newly found creativity. To me, creativity is being open to stepping outside the box and being comfortable with trying alternative ways of being. It doesn't mean there is no fear. There can still be fear when a person finds the courage to try something new.

When society boxes a person in and dictates how one should be and it goes unquestioned, potential can be lost. Like Dr. DeFeo preached today, I believe we are what we imagine our potentials to be. If we become the thoughts and opinions of others, we can limit our potential greatness. Amazing dreams can be imagined, pursued, and achieved simply starting with an openness to question what is. Creatives are the dreamers and the healers of the world, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I like my dreamers and I hope to encourage more of us to dream a little bigger.

We are currently MFT trainees (so close to that intern number!) and I wholeheartedly recommended the services of these healing professionals. Each has a genuine commitment to the betterment of our communities and the healing of its members. Congratulations to the 2013 class of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology! The world needs our hope and compassion. It's time to get to work. :)

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