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On Art - Erin Leigh

On Art - Erin Leigh

Erin is a fellow artist & ENFP :) *fist bump* Thank you so much for sharing your process of creation. I appreciate how free-flowing your writing is. I hope other artists can resonate with your words, hesitant artists are inspired to create, and others share their processes to promote a dialogue. 

In her words:

Erin: This creative process writing is throwing me for a loop. Basically how it comes about is something (topic, feeling, situation) will catch my attn and I'll ruminate over it. When I can't make heads or tails I start asking other people about it. I must say the 'negative' emotions have fueled my writing more than positive....though when something positive comes to light, I'm always fascinated those words or ideas came from me. I struggle to make sense out of the senseless.... Once I ruminate and ask I just write. I'll write phrases and if nothing else comes I'll leave it alone. A LOT of poetry comes in the shower. LOL I'll be humming along and then BAM! a phrase and my mind just starts playing w/ the words...much like magnetic poetry you might see on fridges. (I actually felt like someone was in my head when I started seeing those things released in the stores.) Some poems come out done. MOST are always up for revision. There have been times I've gone back to something I wrote years ago...and because I have new eyes I will re-write. Though I try to always save the original first so I can go back and look at the journey of my words.

Boonie: May I use this for my blog? And do you have sample writing or an image you'd like to use?

Erin: Now when I am prepping for a role or to sing....that is a more stressful process for me..because I feel responsible to give people a show and to MOVE them into thoughtful moments. I kinda get bitchy during those preparation times becuase I am so concerned with finding the right meaning behind the song or the correct motivation from a character. That's a lot of re reading lines and lyrics and talking out loud (while I'm alone)....making up different scenarios in my head as I go through each see how I might react to it...that sort of thing.

Boonie: I love your process.

Erin: You can if you'd like. It's very incoherent. Kind of like my creative process. My favorite way to write a poem is when it starts to form in my dreams....I have literally been woken up from my sleep with cloud words....and it's not even ME pushing myself to write. I have often felt it was some other being. It's hard to explain. All in all I feel a great responsibility to tell the truth of the any situation I am exploring. Even if it hurts...even if it's joyful...always as truthful as I can be.

Now if you'd like me to try to edit this nonsense I can. If not feel free to post as is. LOL

Boonie: You're such an artist soul. I want to post this!

Erin: Feel free to do so. I am very much a free form person. I don't like being bound to grammar rules and such...I will if I have to. I see the purpose in them...but sometimes they also feel like a hindrance when I need to words and phrases to be fluid.

Boonie: Thank you

Erin: No problem. I have been thinking on it for a bit now. It's honestly just a very primordial reaction from inside...something I must do.

Feel free to post this poem if you'd like as well. It's one I'm proud of...

Love Letter

There is a love letter I cannot send~ 

It aches deep in the striations and contractions 

of my muscles 

Past the bones of my frame 

Delving into the unknown 

And unseen anchor… 

Which fills me with hope. 

It knocks on the door of my mind 

More than I care to admit; 

A love letter waiting to be opened 

Wanting your hands to feel… 

Waiting for your eyes 

To recognize the words 

Which form deep in my belly; 

squeezing my heart 

Whenever I think on your face. 


There is a love letter 

That I want to share … 

But I’ve shared before; 

I know the scorn and pain 

of revealing too much 

too soon. 

I’ve given love letters I wanted to be real. 

That burned when touched 

And screamed when defiled. 

I’ve learned of false love 

When my words fell to the ground 

Out of the mouth of those 

Who did not understand. 

I’ve trusted in the surface, 

Far too much. 

Doubting the quiet love that was growing like a seed 

Under earth and clay; making roots and patiently calculating 

The moment to break free into heat and light. 

There is a love letter I cannot send~ 

I open it from time to time 

Driving down the road 

Or listening to a song… 

I remember you; 

How I felt seeing you in the same room. 

I did not recognize love quietly 


The familiarity of your heart and soul; 

The one I knew before I understood… 

The one I knew I could never get over, The one I never wanted to hurt… 

I could not make the words form in my mouth 

To declare 

All of my fear, my want, my adoration for you. 

There is a love letter I cannot send~ 

I close the envelope time and again 

File it beyond conscious reckoning 

Until it will no longer allow itself 

To hide from my view. 

Lately the letter keeps 

Creeping up, 

Witnessing urgently…. 

The love letter has forever been you. 


© Erin Leigh Stump October 28, 2012

Fellow Creatives: What does your creative process look like? Can you even describe it? How does your process compare to Erin's? Please share in the comments below. Take care, and continue to create! <3

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