Felicia Day's Book Tour

Felicia Day's Book Tour, Los Angeles, 2016

Felicia Day's Book Tour, Los Angeles, 2016

I was invited by another geek therapist, The Mindful Misfit MFT, to attend this book tour. She messaged me on FaceBook and asked, 

"Do you know Felicia Day?"

In my head I was thinking, "Uh, yes?!" (I've followed her since her YouTube days with The Guild, and it empowered me to be more of my geek and gamer self at the time. It was so relateable, and sad and funny to see a script based on the lives of online gamers.)

So it turns out, Felicia Day wrote a memoir. And in this memoir is very personal things about growing up with home schooling, acting, and being a professional creative female. She also talks candidly about her depression and gaming addiction when things got overwhelming for her. 

Even though she lived with her brother and home schooled with him, it seemed like they never connected until they gamed together. I resonate with this statement because my brother also introduced me to World of Warcraft. We didn't have much to say to each other in person, but gaming and having goals to accomplish as a team really connected us. 

Bringing people together is one wonderful aspect of gaming. 

Wil Wheaton interviewing Felicia Day

Wil Wheaton interviewing Felicia Day

Some tidbits that I wanted to share from the talk she had with Wil Wheaton are the following:

Collaborate & Seek Others: 

Both Wil and Felicia talked about how isolating it can be as an artist with depression and/or anxiety. Sometimes it feels like a burden to share so much emotion with others. Wil disclosed how he felt so bad that Felicia was going through this pain and didn't have anyone to share it with. He was right there and didn't even know. And that's how depression can be for many of us. 

Self-worth and Pressure on Achievement: 

Perfectionism is a curse for many creatives, and it limits the enjoyment of creation. Both paired their self-worth and ability to be liked by others with approval and tangible outcome. Wil and Felicia are both working on this self love and acceptance, and shared that it is enough just being you. You are enough without the accolades and accomplishments. 

How to Balance Work/Life as an Artist:

The practical advice came as learning what your baseline is. This is in terms of one's depression and anxiety. Each of us has a baseline that we stray from in times of stress or high emotion. Taking time to acknowledge what we look like without any stress can help us work towards maintaining the ups and downs closer to this baseline. 

o Coping Skills: Figure out what works for you, and what doesn't work for you.

o Self-Monitor: Sometimes we're so busy, we don't take notice of how we're feeling and our body's internal state. Start noticing what's going on when we feel certain ways can help bring us back to that baseline.

"Find a place to perform for the love & joy of performing." -Wil Wheaton

Boonie Sripom & Felicia Day! <3

Boonie Sripom & Felicia Day! <3

A part that struck a chord with me is the overall society view of art. It's seen as something as a hobby, something that couldn't really be compensated well until one becomes a celebrity. Being in the middle of unknown and well-known has its financial and emotional consequences. Both Wil and Felicia touched on this topic of money, and said,

"Make art...creative outlet for the sake of creativity." -Wil Wheaton

"You do it because you want to get your voice out there."-Felicia Day

(on whether her YouTube series would be successful now, and advice to others thinking of making work on YouTube)

Felicia advocated for seeking a therapist as an artist or geek. Her writing of this memoir helped sort through many of her life's moments, gave herself permission to fail, and acknowledge that she has accomplished so much. She encourages more of us to write that memoir to see how healing telling our story can be.

Thank you so much, Felicia! 

Anxiety Gaming connects online gamers to therapists

Anxiety Gaming connects online gamers to therapists

Felicia gave me one resource, Anxiety Gaming, and it is a nonprofit that connects gamers with therapists. The nonprofit can help pay for services. I hope to work with them soon. 

If these tips from Wil & Felicia are difficult to implement or maintain, give me a call! I'm in the OC area and love to help fellow artists, geeks, and gamers level up. (949)381-1894

Take care,


Purchase the Book here:

 You're Never Weird On the Internet (almost): a Memoir, Felicia Day, 2015

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On Art004 - JiYoon Jessica Ahn

Introduce yourself. Who are you, and what kind of artist are you? I like to paint in acrylic paints and to draw with compressed charcoals. I like to paint semi-abstractions and Feelingscapes which I call “Felt Memories.”

How did you discover your interests in art? What is your history -with art? I loved picture books as a kid, and one day a Japanese visitor saw my stick figure cartoon and told my mom to encourage me to pursue art. My mom was always making things, usually needlecrafts, so I grew up watching her do a lot of patchwork and embroidery.

What are your favorite media? Are there specific professionals who inspire your work? Acrylic paints on canvas. Sometimes writing ink, too. Let’s see… some of the most inspiring master painters for me currently are Emily Noelle Lambert, Hiroshi Sugito, Giorgio de Chirico, Edward Hopper, and Paul Delvaux.

What goes on in your mind when you're creating? What does your artistic process look like? I get transported into my own Mind. I enjoy the “Flow” and being At One when engaged with creating. I don’t have a set method though, so each painting begins slightly differently. Sometimes I start off with ink drawings, other times I use gesso for a heavier foundation.

Weather Report .&nbsp;2005.&nbsp;90.9 × 72.7 cm.&nbsp;Acrylic on canvas.

Weather Report. 2005. 90.9 × 72.7 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

What does art mean to you? 

Art is a Door Step to experiencing the Inner Realms of me. Art itself is a medium in that sense. It is a portal for me; a way of channeling and accessing something inside.

Zen Clouds .&nbsp;2006.&nbsp;53.0 x 45.5 cm.&nbsp;Acrylic on canvas.

Zen Clouds. 2006. 53.0 x 45.5 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Do you think there are biases or stigmas about being an artist? (Ex: There is a link between creativity and mental illness.) What are some that you've experienced? I’m pretty sure there are biases and stigmas for EVERY job on Earth, so yes to the first question. The notion that artists are somehow “different” from the rest of the human fold is a common bias from my observation.

Do you think there are any truths about the stereotypes of being an artist? In this day, much less so I think. Artists these days are more like a production line. The only real thing in what an artist does is the Process itself.

Pink Stitches .&nbsp;2010.&nbsp;45.5 x 53.0 cm.&nbsp;Acrylic on canvas.

Pink Stitches. 2010. 45.5 x 53.0 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Have any resources or tricks-of-the-trade to help fellow artists working with your media? Yes. Have a good friend who is a fellow artist and a creative. ARTS Anonymous is one that has been a treasure house of resources and sense of community for me. Once you start using acrylic paints, there is no turning back to oils! I’ve tried that once in my one room studio, but no matter how expensive and non toxic the oil paint claims itself to be, it will still stink like poison.

Face #19 .&nbsp;2006.&nbsp;39.3 x 54.5 cm.&nbsp;Compressed charcoal and black ink on paper.

Face #19. 2006. 39.3 x 54.5 cm. Compressed charcoal and black ink on paper.

If you could give your young artist self or aspiring artists advice, what would it be? 

Your voice matters. Your view point matters. Your message and brushstrokes matter. Learn how to stand your ground without the wings that big corporations entice you with. Guard your Creative Soul. Seek and cherish the friends who are devoted to creating and crafting.

Face #41 .&nbsp;2006.&nbsp;39.3 x 54.5 cm.&nbsp;Black ink on paper.

Face #41. 2006. 39.3 x 54.5 cm. Black ink on paper.

For additional works by Jessica, visit her painting blog: http://jeeyoona.blogspot.kr
Questions & Comments? Email her at: jeeyoona@gmail.com