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On Art 001 - Hoa Han

Hoa's background, and the art he makes:

Born in Vietnam and raised in LA since about the age of 4. I attended Art Center College of Design, where I received my Bachelors Degree in Entertainment Design. I have been working since as a Concept artist in the advertising and marketing field.  Being a concept artist I tend to make art that most people do not get to see. My job involves generating sketches and the pre-visualization of what a game idea or a web site may possibly look  like. Images can range from character design , environmental background art, and scene illustrations to help a client see the grand scheme or the world. As for my personal work I tend to lean towards fan pop art and fantasy just because it's really fun to create. 

What the best and worst things about being an artist? 

The best thing about being an artist is really simple, I get paid to do what I love. It is a great outlet to translate your thoughts and expressions into something visual which could be shared with others. The worst thing would have to be friends constantly asking to have something created that goes to no general purpose. I enjoy drawing and painting, but I like living life as well. 

What does it mean to make art? 

Pretty deep question. To me it means just expressing your personality through your work. This can range from any form of artistry whether it be pottery, wood working, or a few strokes on a canvas. As long as the artist has a thought in what they are putting out.

What do you think the benefits of art are?

Art can have great benefits to the person creating it. Personally I find it to be very therapeutic. It allows me to put on mental blinders where I am able to fully lose myself in the process.  Leaving out the stresses from the day or perhaps the ones to come. Art is just a great outlet for anyone really to freely express themselves. Art can also benefit the observer as well. For myself  being the observer helps inspire me to keep creating new work. 

If you could give advice to people thinking of exploring art, but are hesitant to, what would it be? 

To that I would say just give it a try. It does not hurt to be creative. From my experience I have found many people want to become artists, but are doubtful of their abilities.  With patience and constant practice anyone can become a great artist.  I would also advise that art is very subjective; you just have to find your niche.  For those who dive into the art world, develop  a thick skin. Criticism is everywhere--you just have to listen to the ones that will help benefit your art. 

How can we contact you or find awesome works you've created? 

I have a site people can check out, as well as a Society6 portal.

Feel free to email Hoa at

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