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I've spent my life socialized as an Asian-American female, with all its high-expectation stereotypes and perks of being viewed as being agreeable and submissive in group settings. While slowly unraveling parts of these imposed traits and keeping qualities that are truly my own, I have discovered a distinctly diametrical reality for those who are not the model minority. I will preface this post with a disclaimer: I know these experiences will not be the standard for all of an ethnic group, but I feel compelled to compare the different realities I've observed when being a model minority, and when being in association with black Americans.

My growing up in collectivist cultures in Southern California has offered some insight into the identity formation for many Asian American females. The individualist, capitalist culture of this country may cause conflict for many collectivist people as they transition into adulthood. It's a concept many professionals may confuse as unhealthy boundaries or enmeshment within one's family system, but when working with each person in therapy, a new culture and definition of normal must be explored.