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Comic Con 2014 - Cosplay Makeup 101

Comic Con 2014 - Cosplay Makeup 101

Going to Comic Con 2014? Cosplay and like makeup tutorials? Check out the Cosplay Makeup 101 panel on Friday, July 25th! It's at 2pm in room 29A. 

This was taken from Siryn's FB post:

Join me, @misschrissylyn @themadmasker @goldiestarling @danielabernotas and moderator @strangelikethat for #cosplaymakeup101 Friday at #SDCC #comicon learn about beauty makeup, character and stage makeup, special FX, prosthetic applications, blending, body paint, sculpting and molding your own prosthetics and wig mods! From makeup artists in the biz and cosplayers who use these skills every time! Join us at 2pm in room 29A Friday July 25th!! Come early as we met capacity at Wondercon!

She is amazingly gifted, down-to-earth, and deserves recognition for her talents as a skilled make up artist. 

For examples of Siryn's work:

Make Up by Siryn - YouTube

MakeUp by Siryn BLOG

MakeUp by Siryn on FaceBook

Please share the panel with fellow cosplayers and lovers of makeup! Take care and have fun at SDCC 2014!

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