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10 Things I Wish I Had Known

In supervision, I've presented some concerns with my process after graduation, and my experiences have helped prepare my colleagues for their next step. I hope this information can help trainees (and myself!) somehow, and give this sometimes nebulous field some clarity...

Questions On Creativity

In order to spread awareness, I need voices and personal experiences. Your stories, words, and shared creativity can help change stigma on being an artist/geek/gamer, and encourage others to incorporate creativity into their lives...

My generation has been gifted with the wonders of technology and social media. Generation Y (Millenials) are able to accumulate knowledge at the click of a mouse, and expose themselves to the endless cultures the world has to offer. With increased technology, and less worry of disease, younger people are born into a sink-or-swim technological race. It seems like the later one is born, the more he or she has to play catchup with technology, language, and cultural shifts. We are a generation swimming in information, and sometimes a few of us get caught in the turbulent waters. Some of us drown.

Some Writings on Creativity

Re: How Our Brains Work Creatively | Bell Beth Cooper

I am a new fan of her writing! She succinctly supports her writing with neuroscience findings, and I agree with the discrepancy of being a right-brained or left-brained person. There is no distinct brain hemisphere correlations to creative or logical behaviors; however, I think describing behaviors as left or right-brained can help facilitate intentional neural rewiring.