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Questions On Creativity

In order to spread awareness, I need voices and personal experiences. Your stories, words, and shared creativity can help change stigma on being an artist/geek/gamer, and encourage others to incorporate creativity into their lives...

I heard a couple talking about writers and their perceptions of having a story to tell.

The man said, "Can you believe they're that pompous? To think that your story is so important. Look at me! I'm a sad artist! Read my story!"

The woman nodded her head, and said, "I know, right? They're so whiny, and think they're so special."

I ate my ravioli, and thought of my response to their words.

8 Ways to Foster Creativity in the Classroom

As a kid, I often stared into the night sky immersed in the beauty of the stars. I thought about constellations and wondered if the moon was made of cheese. I also daydreamed about alien life and the potential future of humanity. It just seemed very possible that one day, the collective human culture could transcend the suffering and unnecessary corruption it currently experiences. These were my thoughts in elementary school.

Some Writings on Creativity

Re: How Our Brains Work Creatively | Bell Beth Cooper

I am a new fan of her writing! She succinctly supports her writing with neuroscience findings, and I agree with the discrepancy of being a right-brained or left-brained person. There is no distinct brain hemisphere correlations to creative or logical behaviors; however, I think describing behaviors as left or right-brained can help facilitate intentional neural rewiring.