On Becoming a Person (Book Rec.)

Hi fellow Messes! I was reading a section of On Becoming a Person and really wanted to share some thoughts on this wonderful book. What are some books that have helped shape your individual processes of becoming a person? 

Also, I understand that therapy is not for everyone, and I did use some hyperbole with saying it "changes everything". Please forgive my excitement with my process towards becoming.

Thank you for watching. Please take care! -Boonie

Additional Links

Carl Rogers: http://www.carlrogers.info/

Humanistic Psychology: http://psychology.about.com/od/historyofpsychology/a/hist_humanistic.htm

Safety in the Therapeutic Relationship: http://www.neuropsychotherapist.com/the-therapeutic-alliance-exploring-the-concept-of-safety-from-a-neuropsychotherapeutic-perspective/