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The Mental Mind [Poem by Marcus Mercado]

The Mental Mind [Poem by Marcus Mercado]


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I thank Marcus for his transparency, and words. Art can offer an emotional outlet for many creative souls. If you'd like to check out more of this fellow geek and artist's shenanigans, you're in luck! He's a YouTube partner.

Anime Death Squad with Nortrodamus & Friends

Marcus' MBTI preference is ENFP, and he's got a soft spot for warm fuzzies and geeking out with other geeks. 


You think that you're the only one who lives in deep despair, but there are those who think like us and hardly even care.

You try to find out the reason why you act this way so much, but there are so many questions out there that you can only clutch.

Even though the road is dangerous, it's dangerous in your mind, but you keep on trying to escape it even in the ends of time.

But you're finally at the breaking point and it's not a very good sight, but your fighting for a little something, something that is right.

- The Mental Mind  by Marcus Mercado

Age 16 or 17

When asked about the importance of writing, and life his at the time, Marcus replied: 

"I felt like no one understood me, just knew what buttons to push and not to push. The teachers tried their hardest to understand me but they always give up because they had other students to deal with. I felted sad and anger and no one that I could talk to at my level, so I got so bored and tired and no one understanding me I made that poem, half of the teachers were impressed and tried harder to get to know me and the other half... Let's just say they wanted to keep their distance away from me and from their students."

What advice would you give your teenage self? Would you change anything you did in high school if you could?

Personally, I would punch some common sense on my younger self for being a little unruly brat and a big hug and tell him that everything is alright and that he would get so many friends if he because more friendly to others.

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